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“I cannot believe that in terms of grandeur and majesty there can be found anything in the world to rival Dominica’s succession of forest-covered mountains…. It is green, all green.” Alec Waugh, “Typical Dominica”, 1948.



Things to do in Dominica

Dominica remains an unspoiled & undiscovered gem of an island. It’s been over 60 years since Alec Waugh’s visit and the only difference: far more things to do!

Many visitors to Dominica tell us there is just not enough time to see all the beautiful, stunning sites and to do all the unique activities that Dominica offers.

From the Boiling Lake and sulphur springs, to the cool refreshing rivers & waterfalls, and the magnificent underwater sights for snorkelers & scuba divers, Dominica’s natural treasures are plentiful.


Walk trails and explore hidden beauties of Dominica


The variety of things to see on our nature isle.


Parks & Reserves

Dominica has a number of attractions which fall within protected lands



Soak in cool, crystal clear waters or perfect for viewing wildlife.

Dominica's Wildlife

Great places for seeing wildlife


All Activities and Attractions

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Photo of snorkelers at Champagne Beach