Where to Eat in Dominica

As wide a range of exciting Caribbean food as you could want, Dominica offers a broad spectrum of dining experiences.


Dining in Dominica

 A personal look at Dominica’s cuisine!

While eating in an elegant hotel or continental restaurant may be perfectly acceptable to some Caribbean tourists, for the adventurous traveler Dominica offers many alternatives.

Family restaurants, local eateries, small guest houses and cafes can be the most authentic and satisfying way to sample the bounty of Dominican foods and drinks. In these inauspicious places each meal is lovingly created, carefully prepared, and perfectly seasoned.

As a bonus you’ll often get a chance to chat with some very interesting folks – friendly chefs, owners and servers – and there is no extra charge for the useful information you’ll pick up along the way!

Wondering what sort of culinary treat to expect?

Because Dominica is blessed with rich volcanic soil and adequate rainfall, fresh tropical produce need not be imported. Local fruits like mangoes, soursop, cherries and guavas make delicious juice or mixers as do a wide variety of citrus crops. Chicken, pork, lamb, beef and goat meat seasoned with lime, fresh herbs, peppers and spices serve as the basis for a variety of Creole cuisine. Because the sea surrounding Dominica is still bountiful, Flying fish, Dorado, Kingfish and Tuna are likely to be among the catches of the day.

Sometimes a sancoche is made of fresh coconut milk, ginger, and curry, or perhaps a creole sauce of eggplant, okras, and tomatoes to accompany the main course. When laced with hot pepper and served over roast breadfruit, plantain, or provisions of dasheen, tannia, and yams, these dishes are truly irresistible!

Then why not kick back and treat yourself to a cup of local coffee and a desert made with locally grown cocoa and freshly grated coconut?

About the Author
Kris Simelda, an American who has lived on the island of Dominica for the past twenty years, is the author of three adult novels, three novellas, a novel and a collection of short stories for young adults, and several published pieces of short fiction. Her main focus as an author living in paradise has been to explore the island’s natural, cultural, and social issues via her books and short stories. Currently she lives on a smallholding on the edge of the rainforest where she farms, writes, and raises large dogs.

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