Dominica’s Waterfalls

Due to Dominica’s terrain and high rainfall, there are many waterfalls. Some are temporary and only occur during the wet season or in heavy rainfall, others are dramatic powerful marvels of nature, while there are the gentle ones. Whether swimming, hiking or sight seeing the range of waterfalls on this island will not disappoint.


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Easy Waterfall Hikes

A short distance along fairly easy terrain.


Intermediate Waterfall Hikes
Varying times with terrain that undulates allowing you to work up a good sweat.


Difficult Waterfall Hikes

A long distance, over challenging terrain and very strenuous.

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Tips for walking to Waterfalls


Watch out for:

  • High rainfall can cause flash-flooding of even small streams.
  • The dense rainforest can get dark quickly in the late afternoon
  • Hikes often cross rivers – watch out for slippy rocks!

What to take:

  • Waterproof rain gear (a poncho will also protect camera gear)
  • Phone / Camera (with extra batteries and somewhere dry to carry them)
  • Headlamp (in case it gets dark)
  • Insect repellent (but don’t worry, we’ve no poisonous creatures!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Bathing suit – the opportunity to swim may appear
  • Always have an extra pair of clothes and socks (either with you or in your vehicle)

Wear comfortable clothing

It will be humid, but depending on the hike and season it can also get chilly

  • Shorts or light pants
  • Sneakers with good treads or (waterproof) hiking boots
  • A hat

Eco-Tourism Site Passes

Many tourism sites around the island require a Site User Fee (Fees below effective May 2013).

Eco-Tourism Site Passes

  • Site Pass US $5
  • Weekly Pass: US $12

Waitukubuli National Trail Passes

  • 1-Day Pass US $12
  • 15-Day Pass US $40
  • Special Pass for Organised Tour Packages (1 Day) US $10

Passes are available from Cruise Agents, Tour Operators, Car Hire Agencies and at various other locations around the island. Passes can also be bought from officials at the sites themselves or from Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division on Valley Road or in the Botanical Gardens, Roseau (266-3817).

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View from the trail to Victoria Falls, in Delices on the east coast of Dominica

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