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Swimming can occur at most beaches, or really anywhere there is access to the sea along the West Coast. However, this is not the case along the Eastern Coast. Due to rip currents and undertows, one must exercise extreme caution and only swim where recommended.  Find out more…


Looking for somewhere excluded where you can sit and enjoy your surroundings in peace and quiet? Although this is never a guarantee, find out more about beaches and other sites great for escape.


A nice picnic can be held anywhere, but whether it is a private one or a big family bash, access is the determining factor. Search through


Turtle watching, bird watching or even casting your eye towards the horizon in search of passing whales and dolphins. Although all beaches display their own share of local inhabitants, these are great beaches for observing wildlife.

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During the late hurricane season, swaths of seaweed known as Sargassum, from the Sargasso Sea, drift across the Atlantic sometimes landing on the beach shore. Not always a comfortable or attractive addition to a beach, this seaweed does provide great cover for fish and vital feeding grounds. It is also great for fertilizer and compost.

But although a natural occurrence, in recent years there has been a massive Sargassum Seeweed bloom, resulting in large quantities inundating beaches all over the Caribbean and the Americas.  It is believed that warming ocean temperatures and increased nutrients due to climate change are the cause.  Find out more about the Sargasso Sea here.


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Photo of Prince Rupert Bay from Fort Shirley at the Cabrits.

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