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Titou Gorge

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Titou Gorge, Laudat

This delightful spot is at the start of the hike to the Boiling Lake, and is a small waterfall deep in a water-filled gorge

It can be a cold swim, but there's also hot water close by, making it a refreshing stop at the end of the hard Boiling Lake hike!

See what one intrepid adventurer has to say about the Titou Gorge experience:

"...time seems to stop in this primeval place. We explore smaller chambers and mini-waterfalls. We hang from vines and test the echo. We float from slanted sunbeams into shadowy pools of blue and green. We keep marvelling that we have this magical place to ourselves. When we're finally disgorged back into the sunlit pool, we're surprised to learn we've been inside nearly two hours."

For a detailed account of this trip up into the gorge and the caverns, read the full article online at the Ottowa Citizen's website.

Useful Information

Drive up to the village of Laudat. At the top of the hill you will reach a junction, keep right. (If you continued straight this would take you to freshwater/Boeri lake). Continue down the hill for about a minute, and turn left onto a side road where you see a statue of a man in a hat and pointing forward. You will drive passed residential houses, the DOMLEC Hydro Plant, DOMLEC Reservoir, the Geothermal Extraction Plan before reaching the end of the road at an informal parking lot. It is a short walk to the gorge from here. The large pipes which carry water from Freshwater lake the the hydro plant can be seen along this route. Ask for directions, there is usually a forestry officer at the junction who will provide directions and where to got to pay fees if required.

Time Commitment (2):

5 mins

Related Hike:
Best time to visit:

Midday and Afternoon - the light is good then and it's usually a bit warmer

Fun Facts
Did you know?:

'Ti tou' means 'little-throat' in Creole. This gorge was used in the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest.

Popular for:

Swimming up the gorge

Forest Type:



1818 ft / 554 m

Be aware:
  • Flash Flooding (learn the signs, consult locals)

Flash Floods can occur at anytime with little warning to the unaware. Avoid during rainy weather or if the mountains are covered in clouds