Nature & Climate

A look at the building blocks of the island.



Photo of a beautiful black sand beach on the North east coast. Swaths of Sargassum are known to wash up on shore.

Being largest and most mountainous of the Windward Islands, it is no surprise that Dominica has as many hidden treasures of the natural world to match.

Dominica is famous for its tropical rainforest, wildlife, and the many rivers and waterfalls which result from the high rainfall in the interior. In addition, its volcanic origins manifest themselves most noticeably in the Boiling Lake (one of the largest of its kind in the world) and many other smaller fumaroles around the island – including a few underwater.

Moreover, it is widely acknowledged to be both one of the best dive sites and a prime whale watching location in the region (if not world).


Unlike many Caribbean islands, Dominica is blessed with several freshwater lakes that provide a wonderful refuge for wildlife as well as fun activities like kayaking, swimming and picnicking…


While Dominica is known to have 365 rivers, it’s not only the quantity that is surprising…

Dominica’s Natural World