The capital city Roseau and immediate environs.

Roseau North, Central and South. Communities of Canefield to the north and Loubiere to the south.

Roseau has a population of about 25,000 and is the capital and administrative centre. Several good examples of Creole architecture can be found. Be sure to visit the Botanical Gardens, established in 1891.

North of Roseau. Includes Fond Cole, Morne Daniel and Canefield, where  there are some industrial areas, but also pockets of bustling residential communities with amazing views of the coast.

South of Roseau. Includes Newtown, Loubiere and Castle Comfort, where many of Dominica’s dive operators are located.


In and around the Capital there are a variety of lodging options in close proximity to many of the island’s attractions and businesses.


At a Glance

Size: about 4.5km2

Population: roughly 40% of the island’s population

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There are several places of interest in Roseau.

  • The Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Fair Haven;
  • The Old Market which was once used to buy and sell slaves and nearby
  • The New Market, at the other end of the Bayfront, comes alive early Saturday morning (but is also open other week days) with a stunning variety of tropical fruits, vegetables, flowers and sundry items. Be sure also to take a refreshing drink of coconut water while there.
  • The Roseau Museum is compact but well organised. Opposite the cruise ship jetty, it is housed in the old Post Office. Behind it is the Old Market, where once slaves were bought and sold, and today can be found a craft market.
  • A little to the south of the city centre is Fort Young Hotel, built as a fort in 1770 and destroyed by Hurricane David in 1979.
  • Next to the Fort Young Hotel is the wooden Carnegie Public Library built in 1906, and opposite of the Library is the State House in extensive grounds; next to it is the recently renovated House of Assembly which is our Parliament building.
  • The ‘crushed bus’ in the Botanical Gardens is a silent testimony to the force of the winds of Hurricane David (1979), and also the the regenerative power of nature (the tree is still growing, on top of the bus). A small Aviary in the Gardens has some of Dominica’s rare parrots.
  • High above the Gardens is a fine vantage point, Morne Bruce, which can be reached from a track near the east gate and provides a splendid view of Roseau.

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