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All the ways to travel to Dominica

Getting to Dominica can take a little more effort than getting to your average destination, but it is well worth it!
Here is the information you need to make planning your trip to Dominica a little easier.

Distances across the world from Roseau, Dominica (km)

Nairobi, Kenya

Beijing, China

Sydney, Australia

Travel Requirements

Travelling to Dominica

What documents do you need to enter?

  • Valid Passport
  • Return Ticket
  • Local address where you will be staying
  • Visa information visit here

Plan on bringing pets? For more information call the Ministry of Agriculture on 1 (767) 266-3271 or 1 (767) 266-3270.


How long can I stay? This all depends on your country of origin. For more information visit the Government website here

Plan on getting married? If you have already made arrangements with a hotel, this should already be covered. But for more information go here

Departure Taxes are as follows (updated May 2019):

  • Dominica Residents / CARICOM nationals: EC$72.00 / US$26.00
  • Non-nationals / non-CARICOM Residents (e.g. US citizens): EC$86.00 / US$31.00

For more information visit the Government website.


Visitors in 2014

  • North America 27.7% 27.7%
  • Caribbean 51.5% 51.5%
  • Europe 18% 18%

Stayover Visitors 2014

Cruise Visitors 2014

source: Invest Dominica 


Essential Tips

Tips & Important Info for your arrival in Dominica

Packing Tips

What should you bring with you?


Find a book about Dominica.


Douglas-Charles Airport (DOM), formerly Melville Hall

  • Douglas-Charles Airport is Dominica’s main airport for commercial flights
  • Code: DOM
  • Has a 5,761 ft long runway
  • Located in the north-east
  • Approximately 38 miles / 60 minutes from Roseau
  • Douglas-Charles Airport Tel. 1 (767) 455-7107.

Canefield Airport

  • Mainly used for chartered and courier flights
  • Code: DCF
  • Has a runway of 3,130 ft
  • Located on the west coast
  • Approximately 15 minutes / 3  miles from Roseau

Flying over the village of Calibishie in the Northeast

Looking over the community of Canefield and Canefield Airport

Flying Tip!

To get the best view of the island as you fly in to Dominica:

  • Flying north into Douglas-Charles (Melville Hall), from for example Barbadossit on the left side of the aircraft; flying south, from for example Antigua, sit on the left side of the aircraft, although either side can offer a great view at landing with the new flight patterns.
  • Flying north into Canefield Airport (from Barbados), sit on the right of the aircraft. Flying south (from Antigua) sit on the left.

This tip will give you superb views of the island!

Harbors & Ports of Entry


We have 3 Ports of entry with various berths: Roseau (3), Portsmouth (2) and Anse de Mai (1).

Roseau Area

  • Roseau Cruise ship berth: 263 ft / 80 m berth located in Roseau along the Roseau Bayfront (Dame Eugenia Blvd.)
  • Roseau Ferry Terminal: 160 ft / 49 m berth located within walking distance of the Roseau Cruise Ship Berth along the Roseau Bayfront. Mainly used by Ferries and boats going on day cruises, whale watching trips and excursions.
  • Woodbridge Bay Deepwater Harbor: 800 ft / 244 m berth, the largest of the ports, it is located just outside of Roseau in Fond Cole.

Portsmouth Area

  • Cabrits Cruise ship berth: 300 ft / 91 m berth located at the base of Cabrits National Park in Prince Rupert’s Bay, Portsmouth.
  • Longhouse, Picard: Jetty located in the industrial part of Picard along Prince Rupert’s Bay.

North East

  • Anse de mai Port: Small village Port with a small jetty used mainly by fishing boats traveling across the channel to Guadeloupe, the Saintes and Marigalante.
  • Marigot Fisheries

Yachts in Prince Rupert’s Bay, Portsmouth

Cruise ship in port at the Roseau Cruise ship berth


International flights from Europe and the US fly into the major hubs in the region, with connecting flights to Dominica.

Major hubs with flights to Dominica (DOM) include:

  • Antigua (ANU)
  • San Juan (SJU)
  • St. Lucia (SLU/UVF)
  • St Martin (SXM)
  • Tortola (EIS)
  • Barbados (BGI)
  • St Croix (STX) and
  • St Thomas (STT)

The neighbouring French islands are also convenient hubs for flights, especially from Europe to Dominica. They are also easily reached via ferry. 

  • Martinique (FDF)
  • Guadeloupe (PTP)

Air Antilles offers flights from Fort-de-France, Martinique (FDF) and Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe (PTP) to Dominica (DOM).

From November 1st 2018 through March 29th, 2019 there are two flights a week from Pointe-a-Pitre Guadeloupe (PTP) to Dominica:

  • Departing Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe (PTP) at 9pm to arrive in Dominica (DOM) at 9:30pm on Thursdays and Sundays.
  • Departing from Dominica (DOM) on Fridays and Mondays at 5:30am to reach Pointe-a Pitre at 6:00 am.

International Airlines with connections to Dominica:

Main airlines serving Dominica include:

For Information on Flight Status (arrivals & departures) visit the Dominica Air and Sea Port Authority (DASPA) website

From the US, JetBlue and American offer code-share agreements with Seaborne Airlines so you can book your flights all the way through to Dominica. JetBlue and LIAT also have a code-share agreement.

Use the DDA Flight Maps Tool to find your flight options to Dominica.




There are currently two ferries servicing Dominica.

L’Express Des Iles is a ferry service connecting Dominica to both the neighbouring French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinque, as well as St. Lucia. (Please note that the ferry service is suspended for maintenance for about one month every year).

Whitchurch Travel is the local agent for L’Express Des Iles Ferry Service. Contacting them is your best bet for getting up-to-date schedule and fare information. (Schedule can vary according to season and holidays.)


Val’Ferry Service travels between Marie-Galante, Fort-de-France, Les Saintes and Dominica. In Dominica, iit offers options to stop at Portsmouth and Roseau several times per week.

* * *
Information about Dominica’s Ferry Terminal click HERE

Cruise Lines

Cruise ships call to Dominica from about October to April.

There are three main berths on island – The Roseau Cruise ship Berth,Woodbridge Bay Deep Water Harbour on the outskirts of Roseau and Cabrits Cruise ship berth in Portsmouth.

Find out more about what to do in Dominica in a day, the Cruise Ship Schedule and other useful Cruise information – here.

Sailing & Yachting

There are three main ports of entry into Dominica.

Roseau – the Capital located on the west coast (Caribbean sea)

Portsmouth – located on the Northwest coast (Caribbean sea)

Anse de Mai – Located on the Northeast coast (Atlantic Ocean)

All yachts and sailboats must check in at one of the points on arrival. For more information visit the Customs and Excise Division Website here and Portsmouth Association of Yacht Security (PAYS) here, or for more information about Docking, Yacht clubs and general sailing to and around Dominica visit Dominica Ports here.

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