Getting Around

Navigating the Nature Isle

Getting around Dominica is fairly straightforward as there is usually only one way to get to any destination.



Think left! In Dominica driving is on the left side of the road. A friendly reminder to those of you accustomed to driving on the right-hand side, please remember that everything is opposite. Visitors will need a Driving Permit which costs US$12 and is available from your car rental company. See Rental Vehicle listings here. Driving permits are also available at Traffic & Licensing Department on High Street in Roseau.

Signals and Communications

The indicator (or turning signal) has an important use on the island, in addition to indicating a turn:

  • if the vehicle in front of you has stopped but the right signal/indicator is blinking, this usually means that there is a hindrance ahead of it and the vehicle intends to continue driving forward once the road is clear. By turning on the signal, the vehicle is communicating that you should not overtake, but wait.

Honking or Tooting is its own language in Dominican driving. It is used to communicate to pedestrians and vehicles alike.  This is not an exact science and there may be variations.

  • one short toot or a succession of repeated toots is an acknowledgment or an attempt to get your attention
  • two short toots are generally used to say hello
  • one long toot is usually an indication of frustration or vexation
  • Around corners or on narrow roads it is common to honk your horn to let oncoming traffic know you are there.



There are few speed signs in Dominica, as a general rule go slowly and stay left, letting faster traffic pass you on the right when appropriate. Just remember to think left and drive at your own pace and don’t be afraid to use your horn.   For more information about driving in Dominica, see the Dominica Drivers Manual – online version.

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Public Transport

There is no government owned public transportation system in Dominica. Privately owned mini-buses (look for the number plate that starts with an ‘H’) serve routes from Roseau to all of our villages and are a cheap way to get around the island. Each community and area has a designated bus stop in Roseau and within their community.

If you are along the bus route you can flag down the bus (stick out your arm) and unless they are full, they will stop. Prices are fixed by the government.

You can Download the 2023 Bus Fare pdf here.



“There is only one way to understand Dominica. You have to walk across it and along it.”

Indeed, there is no better way to see the island than to experience one of the many excellent walks through our verdant rainforest, across bubbling streams and plunging into dense valleys.

Interested in exploring the entire island on foot? You may plan to hike the Waitukubuli National trail or perhaps take your own route, if so, read this account of a walking around Dominica.

Many of the Attractions detailed on this site provide you with just that. If find yourself walking along the road and highway, this is commonly done:

  • Just be weary of blind, sharp corners and speeding vehicles.
  • There are few sidewalks and the shoulders of the roads can sometimes be narrow.
  • Where possible, try to walk against the traffic, so you can see what’s approaching you. More…

Walking around Roseau can also be a fun and educational experience. Find out about the Roseau Walking Tour.

Quick Facts

Capital: Roseau

Population within the Roseau environs: 14,000

Largest towns: Portsmouth, Marigot, Grandbay

Wettest part of the island: Interior

Driest part of the island: West coast

Did you know?

Dominica is more vertical that horizontal making it the most mountainous island in the Caribbean. Because of this, roads can be steep and curvy, so use extra caution while travelling our Nature Island!

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Sample Bus Fares (EC$)

Roseau to:

Pointe Michel $3.00

Portsmouth $10.00

Trafalgar $4.00


You can download the 2023 Bus rates here


Airport Taxi Fares

Look for the uniformed Taxi drivers, who are trained and authorised.

  • A Shared Taxi (4 people) from Douglas-Charles Airport to Roseau/Canefield/Newtown is about US $32 (EC$80) per person.
  • A Hired Taxi is about US $100 (EC $260)

Rates are subject to change.
Always check prices with the driver.