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Bring Blessings Home Simelda, Kristine Investigative reporter Maxine Alexander, intrepid heroine of Climbing Jacko’s Steps: Terror in the Rainforest, returns to her Caribbean village of Plaisance following a ten-year sojourn abroad. This is Book 2 of the Maxine Alexander Mystery Series. 2024 Order on Amazon
Climbing Jacko’s Steps Simelda, Kristine Stark Reality Clashes with Folklore on a Caribbean Island in Book I of the Maxine Alexander Mystery Series. 2024 Order on Amazon
Goodnight My Sweet Island Seaman, Petrea Saying goodnight to all things we love on a tropical island. Animals, birds, fish, fruits and forests, drums and dances, the rivers and the rain, all get put to bed as the sun goes down in this poetic and visually stimulating journey. 2023 Order on Amazon
My First Kweyol Alexander , Miguel and Nikhita Jaya Begin to teach your child the phonetics of Caribbean creole, mainly from the island of Saint Lucia and Dominica. The book also includes pronunciation, common words and numbers up to ten to develop their skills from an early age. 2020 Order on Amazon
Once Upon a Time in Dominica Dangleban, Dale We did this work for the children of Dominica and the Caribbean as a whole. This is meant to remind us of who we are and where we came from . No matter where we go these traditions and culture should also be part of who and what we are. 2018 Order on Amazon
Mangez Dominique Winston, Cathy A colorful cook book written by Nurse Cathy Winston from the Caribbean island of Dominica. This cook book is very different to other cook books because of the passion that drives it, as it is made from the heart. 2018 Order on Amazon
The Power of You Strachan, Olive In this book Olive shares with us the highs and lows of her business journey, how she has triumphed in the face of adversity and continued to run a successful business through a global recession to be awarded an MBE in 2019. 2020 Order on Amazon
Rise Up, Sista Simelda, Kristine Two women. Two musical vibes. One rhythm. Set in the UK and Jamaica, Rise Up, Sista is a story about female friendship and the power of music to change individual lives and popular culture that spans over fifty years. 2021 Order on Amazon
Longger-Jo Takes on the Bully Dorival, Sharon It’s hard to know how to handle bullies. But NOT telling someone and NOT stopping the bully can be dangerous. Bullying is not new and it can happen to anyone. Let’s see what Longger-Jo did. Should he have acted differently? What would you do? 2018 Order on Amazon
Monkey Mind Madness Dorival, Sharon Come on a journey to experience chaos, humor, bitterness, love, sadness, anger, and sorrow. 2020 Order on Amazon
Beginner's Guid to the Kalinago Language Sanford, Adaiah This book is a beginner’s Journey to learning simple words and sentences in the Kalinago Language.The Kalinago People, previously known as the Carib Indians, live in a small reserve called the Kalinago Territory within the nature island of Dominica. 2020 Order on Amazon
The Art of White Roses Prado-Nunez, Viviana Rafi Consuelo. Anita Valle. These are the names of the missing. It is 1957 in Marianao, a suburb on the outskirts of Havana. Adela Santiago is thirteen years old and lives in a small blue house with her mother, father, brother, and grandfather. And yet something is amiss. 2016 Order on Amazon
Prison to Paradise Narodny, Peter This is a story of the power of a prisoner's dream and the struggle of a family looking for answers in an alien environment. It is the saga of a boy growing up as one of the few whites on a tropical paradise with a life full of adventure, humor, and irreplaceable memories. 2014 Order on Amazon
Goal Fever Conklin, Michael The tiny Caribbean island nation of Dominica has an identity problem. Often confused for the Dominican Republic, it sets an unusual goal to make a mark on the global stage--qualify for the World Cup Fiinals. 2016 Order on Amazon
Look at me, Father, see me, and other tales from Dominica. Leevy, Dorothy Short stories set in Dominica and deal with a number of cultural themes common to Dominican society 2015 Check local bookstores
Negre Mawon. The Fighting Maroons of Dominica Honychurch, Lennox "A stirring account of how a displaced and enslaved people fought to create a free and self-sufficient society." Published by Island Heritage Initiatives 2014 Order on Amazon
Cabrits and Prince Rupert's Bay Honychurch, Lennox History and Nature notes about Cabrits and Prince Rupert's Bay. Published by Island Heritage Initiatives 2013 Order on Amazon
Pharcel: Runaway Slave Lazare, Alick A young slave, falsely accused of child molestation and afterwards stalked and seduced by his mistress, joins the maroons in the forested hills of Dominica and lives a life of adventure and romance among the hardy old warriors that he found there. 2006 Order on Amazon
Kalinago Blood Lazare, Alick Captain Thomas Warner is an English adventurer. He and his crew find themselves stranded on the shores of St. kitts, where they make the acquaintance of the local tribe, the Kalinago. 2013 Order on Amazon
Nature Island Verses Lazare, Alick This small volume of poetry will enchant the reader with its simple and honest portrayal of life on a small, green island in the Caribbean where life takes on the idyll of paradise. 2001 Order on Amazon
Jewels of the Caribbean Simelda, Kristine This collection of 15 short stories features writers from across the Caribbean, three of which hail from the small island of Dominica including Kristine Simelda's short story Brother. 2014 Order on Amazon
A Face in the River Simelda, Kristine Twice divorced, middle-aged American businesswoman Krystal Sutherland is bored with her conventional job and her lifestyle. She takes a well-deserved break and falls in love with a wild and beautiful Caribbean island as well as her rugged mountain guide Sham. 2016 Order on Amazon
The Dominica Story Honychurch, Lennox The definitive history of the island by the definitive local historian. The recent revision brings it right up to date. 1995 Order on Amazon
Kwéyòl Donmnik: Dominican Kwéyòl for Beginners Mitchell, Sylvia Henderson This invaluable language book teaches the Dominican Kwéyòl language from the very beginning. It explains Dominican Kwéyòl Grammar in simple terms, is easy to follow and includes exercises at the end of each chapter. The book also includes two useful glossaries: English to Kwéyòl and Kwéyòl to English, plus some Kwéyòl proverbs and conversations 2014 Order on Amazon
Look Back! Cooke, Trish This delightful book was written by Trish Cooke and illustrated by Caroline Binch, both of whom are award-winners in children’s literature. Look Back! celebrates the relationship between a grandmother (from Dominica) and her grandson as she tells him about her childhood adventures in the rainforest and her encounters with the mysterious Ti Bolom. 2013 Order on Amazon
Snake King of the Kalinago Atkinson School This charming book was written by the Grade 6 children of Atkinson School in Dominica. It is a mythical story from the legends of the Kalinago people (Carib Indians). 2010 Order on Amazon
Dominica (Bradt Travel Guide) Crask, Paul This travel guide is the first guide book written completely about Dominica. Full of detailed information about Dominica. A must-have for anyone plannng a visit to the Nature Isle! Second Edition. 2008 Order on Amazon
Harken's Caribbean See Brand, Pete David Harken, a young ex Florida Prosecutor goes to the Eastern Caribbean island of Dominica BWI with his side kick, Colonel Ralph Rankin, to temporarily run Island House, the small resort hotel his friends are buying. During his stay dramatic events unravel. 2006 Order on Amazon
Unburnable John, Marie-Elena This compelling first novel traces the fortunes of three generations of women from the small Caribbean Island of Dominica. The richly told narrative alternates between time periods, building suspense and compassion for all of the characters... Marta Segal, Copyright © American Library Association Watch an Interview with Marei-Elena John on 2006 Order on Amazon
Dominica: Land of Water Bird, Jonathan Editorial Review from "From the rainforests, waterfalls and hundreds of rivers and streams, to the blue Caribbean Sea, Dominica is truly a land of water. In this amazing photographic exploration of Dominica, author Jonathan Bird takes readers on a journey from the cloudy mountain peaks at almost 5,000 feet to the depths of the blue ocean just offshore." 2004 Order on Amazon
Wide Sargasso Sea Rhys, Jean Editorial Review from "Wide Sargasso Sea is the story of Antoinette Cosway, a Creole heiress who grew up in the West Indies on a decaying plantation...The novel is Rhys's answer to Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre." 1996 Order on Amazon
The Islandman Sings His Song John, Giftus R. Editorial Review from "A collection of poems expressing the author's perspective on life in Dominica and the rest of the world." 2001 Order on Amazon
Lonely Planet Dominica Lawrence, Michael Editorial Review from "The Caribbean's "Nature Island," Dominica offers an enticing variety of underwater environments and topside activities. Look for evidence of the island's volcanic origins in the submerged crater and gas vents of Soufriere Bay." 1999 Order on Amazon
The Autobiography of My Mother Kincaid, Jamaica Editorial Review from "My mother died at the moment I was born, and so for my whole life there was nothing standing between myself and eternity," writes Jamaica Kincaid in this disturbing, compelling novel set on the island of Dominica. 1997 Order on Amazon
The Complete Diving Guide Ryan, Colleen and Savage, Brian Volume I covers the Caribbean Islands from Dominica to Tobago. The first book of its kind for the area, The Complete Diving Guide - The Caribbean Volume 1 by Colleen Ryan and Brian Savage is meticulously researched and packed with useful information. The book describes over 240 dives sites and covers 50 extensively, and includes full-color underwater site plans. 1997 Order on Amazon
The Reef Set: Reef Fish, Reef Creature and Reef Coral. (3 Volumes Boxed) Humann, Paul and Deloach, Ned The Complete Set for identifying Caribbean reef fish, creatures and coral. These books provide a wealth of information about fish behaviour by Paul Human. Beautiful photography by Ned Loach makes your attempts at identifying the fish you see very easy. A must-have for Caribbean Divers. 2002 Order on Amazon
Martinique, Guadeloupe, Dominica and St. Lucia, Alive! Sullivan, Lynne M. "The earliest inhabitants called it the island of flowers and Christopher Columbus was so awed by it that he wrote "it is the best, most fertile, the softest... the most charming place in the world." You'll understand these accolades when you see Martinique for the first time. The volcanic mass is covered in luxuriant greenery, outlined in soft sand and sprinkled with colorful blooms." 1999 Order on Amazon
Rain on a Tin Roof Christian, Gabriel J. 'Rain On A Tin Roof' is a sparkling collection of Caribbean short stories which present sharp, vivid portraits of life on the island of Dominica. From the extremely funny to the thoughtfully serious, this passionate work takes the reader on a fascinating tour of recent events in Caribbean history, while providing a rich texture of the culture and romance of the renown Nature Island of the Caribbean. 1998 Order on Amazon
Rum Punch and Prejudice Riviere, Raglan Rum Punch and Prejudice has a profound message for everyone genuinely interested in the improvement of relations between the races: 'The final responsibility for overcoming racial bigotry lies not with government or society but with each one of us, as individuals'. 1998 Order on Amazon
A Passage To Anywhere Andre, Irving A Passage To Anywhere is a fictional account of a young man's passage from adolescence to adulthood in a small Caribbean Island. He is beset by the stoicism of his father, the limited opportunities in the island and by the conflicts which almost destroy it. 1997 Check local book stores
Island of Adventure Honychurch, Lennox A concise history and guidebook. 1995 Order on Amazon
Last Resorts : The Cost of Tourism in the Caribbean Pattullo, Polly Last Resorts examines the real impact of tourism on the people and landscape of the Caribbean. It explores the structure of ownership of the industry and shows that the benefits it brings to the region do not live up to its claims. 1996 Order on Amazon
A Field Guide to Birds of the West Indies, 5th Edition (Peterson Field Guides) Bond, James The definitive guide by the man 007 was named after. Where else would you find a Plumbeous Warbler, a Sharp-shinned Hawk, and my favourite - a Pearly-eyed Thrasher? 1993 Order on Amazon
The Orchid House Allfrey, Phyllis Shand Lally helps to raise three white sisters in the Orchid House on the Island of Dominica and observes as each flees to the cold northern lands of England and America only to return to their magical past and the man they love. 2016 Order on Amazon
Travels with my Trombone - a Caribbean Journey Shukman, Henry To quote the book cover, "Music is just the thread on which the beads of Shukman's journey are strung". 1992 Order on Amazon
After Leaving Mr Mackenzie Rhys, Jean Jean Rhys is not necessarily the ideal holiday companion, as her life and tales are somewhat depressing. Nevertheless, if you want to read a sample of one of the many books and short stories published by a novelist born in Dominica, this is a great example. 1971 Order on Amazon
Caribbean Cooking Ortiz, Elisabeth Lambert The food, the techniques, the lore, the spices and the fun of the marvelous diverse cuisine are captured in this exciting volume. Hundreds of recipes with detailed instructions. 1977 Order on Amazon
Creole Caribbean Cookery Gardnier, Kenneth 1986 Order on Amazon
Phyllis Shand Allfrey: A Caribbean Life Paravisini-Gebert, Lizabeth A biography of Phyllis Shand Allfrey 1996 Order on Amazon
In Search Of Eden. The Travails Of A Caribbean Mini State Andre, Irving 1992 Order on Amazon
Distant Voices Andre, Irving 1995 Check local book stores
Come Ye Forward Sons and Daughters Gordon, Aurlius An eight year project as well as a personal journey of reflection on and study of the Dominican Socio-economic, political and psychological landscape with a view to making some sense of who we are as a people, culture and society and how best to come together putting the very best ideas forward to make a success of this paradise, the Nature Isle. 2002 Check local book stores
Touch The Happy Isles Crewe, Quentin Quentin Crewe explores the whole chain of islands, from Trinidad to Jamaica, revealing all aspects of their very different characters through their history, their landscape, their art and architecture and - most importantly - their people. 1987 Order on Amazon
The West Indies in 1837 : Being the Journal of a Visit to Antigua, Montserrat, Dominica, St. Lucia, Barbados, and Jamaica Sturge, Joseph This 1838 text is described as "Being the Journal of a Visit to Antigua, Monserrat, Dominica, St Lucia, Barbados and Jamaica, Undertaken for the Purpose of Ascertaining the Actual Conditions of the Negro Population of Those Islands. 2015 Order on Amazon
In Search of Eden: Essays on Dominican History Andre, Irving and Christian, Gabriel J. In Search of Eden is a fascinating and up to date (2002) history of Dominica; the book portrays a small Caribbean state's passage from colonial rule to sovereign nation. 2002 Order on Amazon
River of Fire Simelda, Kristine Sequel to, 'A Face in the River', heroine Krystal Sutherland is at it again. An absorbing cross cultural adventure novel that grapples with issues of money, class, family, cultural identity and environmental terrorism in sonscientious and courageous ways. 2016 Order on Amazon
Oceans of Thoughts: An Inspirational Walk through the Inner Self, Life and History McClean, Rosalind Severin Well known for her thought provoking and expressive poetry, this writer continues to shine with her play on words and expressive language that will evoke profound emotions from her readers. 2020 Order on Amazon
Three Nights Later, The Soukouyan on the Roof and Other Stories Sanford, Roy A compilation of short stories inspired by Dominican folktales. 2016 Order on Amazon
How the agouti lost his tail Jacob, Jeno J. A compilation of short stories written by Jeno J. Jacob. 2013 Contact us
Your Time Is Done Now: Slavery, Resistance, and Defeat: The Maroon Trials of Dominica Pattullo, Polly Your Time Is Done Now tells the story of the Maroons (runaways slaves) of Dominica and their allies through the transcripts of trials held in 1813 and 1814 during the Second Maroon War. 2015 Order on Amazon
The Archaeology of Dominica Honychurch, Lennox Archaeology of Dominica traces Dominica's heritage from pre-Columbian times through the Kalingo, the first European settlers, and up to modern-day society. 2011 Contact us
A View of the Empire at Sunset: A Novel Phillips, Caryl Award-winning author Caryl Phillips presents a biographical novel of the life of Jean Rhys, the author of Wide Sargasso Sea, which she wrote as a prequel to Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. 2018 Order on Amazon
A Flying Fish Whispered Napier, Elma What begins as a romantic tryst in a tropical setting quickly becomes, in this novel first published in 1938, an imaginative exploration of two opposing cultural and economic frameworks in the Caribbean 1938, 2011 Order on Amazon
Reef Creatures Identification: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas Humann, Paul & Deloach, Ned The Ultimate guide to Reef Creatures in Dominica & the Caribbean. 2013 Order on Amazon
Reef Fish Identification: Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas Humann, Paul & Deloach, Ned The Ultimate guide to Reef Fish in Dominica & the Caribbean. 2014 Order on Amazon
Nobody Owns the Rainbow Simelda, Kristine Nobody Owns the Rainbow is an island adventure that pits foreign exploitation against the indigenous values of love, land, and family. 2018 Order on Amazon
Why are Onions so Sad? (My Treehouse Collection Book 17131610) Alleyne, Jamie This children's book, from the magical Caribbean island of Dominica, tells the universal tale of little Onions and the puzzling reason they make us cry! Written by Jamie Alleyne with Ray Francis (Illustrator) & Damien Bellot (Contributor). 2020 Order on Amazon
Choosing A Career in Agriculture Sorhaindo, Jayson In the ten chapters of this book, the author discusses different perspectives in choosing agriculture as a career. From these perspectives, a career in agriculture is "de-stigmatized" from being seen as ‘toiling in soil for little pay", to being embraced for its pivotal role in the survival of families, nations and the world! 2017 Order on Amazon
The Flying Crapaud: From Folklore to the Future TFC Collective This collection of short stories by writers and friends of the Commonwealth of Dominica will tantalize and challenge your perceptions 2022 Order on Amazon
Back to the River Simelda, Kristine A major volcanic eruption has caused Isaiah, an orphaned island boy, to grow up as the adopted son of a privileged family overseas. But now it's time to return to his roots and the adventures that await him! Back to the River, the third entry in Kristine Simelda’s “River” series, is a heady mix of ghosts, Creole folklore, and time travel sure to keep readers of all ages mystified and entertained. 2019 Order on Amazon
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