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Island Awards


Ethical Traveler names Dominica in Top 10 for 2015

Ethical Traveler recognises Dominica as one of “The Worlds Ten Best Ethical Destinations  2015”.

The other nine countries named were the Cabo Verde, Chile, Lithuania, Mauritius, Palau, Samoa, Tonga, Uruguay, Vanuatu. Read about it on the Ethical Traveler website.


Ethical Traveler names Dominica in Top 10 for 2014

Ethical Traveler recognises Dominica as one of “The Developing World’s 10 Best Ethical Destinations”.

The other nine countries named were the Bahamas, Barbados, Cape Verde, Chile, Latvia, Lithuania, Mauritius, Palau, Uruguay. Read about it on the Ethical Traveler website.


Dominica is Trip Advisor Travelers’ Choice® 2013 Winner: Islands

6 Dominican hotels received awards…Read more about the Awards here and Read more on (March 2013).


Ethical Traveler names Dominica in Top 10 for 2011

Ethical Traveler recognises Dominica as one of “The Developing World’s 10 Best Ethical Destinations” for their commitment over the past year to environmental protection, social welfare, and human rights.

The other nine countries named were Argentina, Barbados, Chile, Costa Rica, Latvia, Lithuania, Palau, Poland, and Uruguay.

Read about it on the Ethical Traveler website.





Scuba Diving Awards


Dominica #1: Top 10 Dive Sites in US & Caribbean

Dominica has been named #1 in a list of the top ten dive sites in the US & Caribbean.

“The Nature Island consistently delivers the best in Caribbean diving, if not the world. Champaign reef and Scotts Head drop off are just a couple of the many underwater highlights.” Read more on


SSMR is A Top 10 Caribbean Snorkeling Park

The Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve was named one of the 10 Top Snorkelling and Marine Parks in Caribbean Travel & Life magazine.

Click here to read the full article.


Filming and Shows




Naked and Afraid – Dominica

April 2014

Strangers meet in the jungle baring it all. In this episode of Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid the pair spend their time on Dominica’s east coast.


Dominica in the Nude, Naked and Afraid

Discovery Channel YouTube

Break Point – A Business Reality TV Series – Airs in Dominica

April 2013

The 12 episode TV series highlights the journey of dedicated regional businesses and entrepreneurs as they vie to become one of the 12 finalists who travel to London to make a final pitch to a panel of investors, venture capitalists and distributors

The Break Point series seeks to empower Caribbean businesses to take on European markets and introduces them to alternative funding sources such as private investors in the form of venture capitalists and Angel investors.

View the Break Point Promo Video here .

The show airs Sunday, April 14th at 7 pm (AST) locally on Marpin Channel 5 and also streams at the same time

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Episode 1, No Kitchen Required – Filmed in Dominica

March 2012

“In the first episode of this adrenaline-inducing series, the chefs rappel into the lush land of the Caribbean island, Dominica…” Read the article on BBC America.



Foraging in Dominica, No Kitchen Required

BBC America Channel YouTube

Man, Women, Wild – Episode 10 Filmed in Dominica

September 2010

This episode of the popular Discovery Channel reality survival show was filmed in Dominica in July. The episode originally aired on September 24th, featuring Mykel and Ruth as they make their way from the tropical mountains of Dominica through the rainforest and down to Dominica’s East coast. Along the way they find plenty of food and use one of Dominica’s natural resources to cook it!



Man Woman Wild, Season 1, Episode 10


Around the World for Free – Dominica

February 2007

Alex Boylan, host has made Dominica his home for the past nine days. Alex left New York on September 18th, 2007 with his cameraman (Zsolt) and US $22 in his pocket. They are trying to make their way around the world, relying on people’s good will to help them along the way. While in Dominica, Alex hiked to the Boiling Lake, visited the Emerlad Pool and Screw’s Sulphur Spa, to name just a few of his adventures. This interactive reality series is being broadcast on the web. So check out Alex’s site to see how he enjoyed his time in Dominica.

What the episode here

After traveling more than 45,000 miles and circumnavigating the globe, in an interview on CBS following his return to the US Alex Boylan’s favorite destination: DOMINICA!


Interview with Alex BoylanAround the World for Free

CBS News

Pirate of the Caribbean II & III

Dominica’s untamed rainforests and secret coves made it the perfect pirate’s lair for Disney’s latest blockbuster. See if you recognize any of the places where filming occurred.

  • Read the article Sparrow’s Nest – The Guardian, July, 2006.
  • Learn more about Pirates in Dominica here.
  • Follow the Filming Route – visit all the film sites for Pirates of the Caribbean II & III

Articles and Features

Who Needs a Beach When Youve Got This? Waterfalls, Rivers and Rain Forest on Dominica

The New York Times, 2014

“When I saw that the only way down the 300-foot cliff was a series of ropes and roots for handholds, I gasped… I wistfully thought about earlier Caribbean vacations, when the main activity was sitting on a beach, lifting a pastel drink that complemented the startlingly aqua water. But after reminding myself I hadn’t come to Dominica for lolling, I grabbed a rope and began the climb down,..” Read more…

Up Hill and Down Dale – Hiking Dominica’s National Trail

Caribbean Beat, Issue 20, March/April 2013

“One of the delights of the Waitukubuli Trail is the way it bobs and weaves through the very tapestry of local life, and allows you to meet the people who make up Dominicas communities…” Read the article on – March 2013.

Dominica: A Natural Hiking Destination, March 2013

Article by Devi Sharp, a retired wildlife biologist who is exploring the Caribbean with her husband, Hunter, on their sailboat Arctic Tern. Read the article on

Dominica, the Caribbean, a Boy’s Own Island, November 2011

“David Hoppit promised his grandsons a life-changing adventure. They found it on the Caribbean island of Dominica…” Read the article…

Dominica has Best Carnival in the World, February 2011

“This traditional pre-Lenten Caribbean carnival is friendly and uncommercialised…” Read the article…

Dominica is a Top 10 Romantic Caribbean Retreat

CNN, February 2011

Dominica’s Rosalie Bay Resort featured as a Top Romantic Caribbean Retreat. “Mountainous adventure and dramatic photo ops await couples at Rosalie Bay.” Read the article…

Lonely Planet’s 10 great Caribbean secrets – Dominica’s Boiling Lake

BBC Travel, December 2010

“One of the Caribbean’s best destinations for rugged adventures, mountainous Dominica sports an incredible hike.” Read article…

Dominica, Island of Plenty

The Daily Herald, February 2011

“We got lots of smiles and friendly greetings when we and our friends visited Dominica recently. At the various restaurants all our dishes had a great variety of provisions; we had green bananas, dasheen, sweet potato, breadfruit and various kinds of yam. And Dominica’s nature had us in awe, from the coastal cliffs to the rugged inland mountains.” Read the article….

 Dominica is a Top 10 Fitness Vacation

Yahoo Travel, January 2011

“Combine your desire to get in shape with your love of travel for a fantastic fitness vacation.” Read the entire article here.

Dominica is 1 of 20 Best Trips of 2011

National Geographic Mag, January 2011

“A lack of white sandy beaches and an overabundance of rainfall keep this mountainous island of tropical rain forests off typical Caribbean vacation itineraries – a plus for adventure seekers….” Read the entire article here

Dominica For The Budget Traveller

Caribbean Travel & Leisure, November 2010

“The Caribbean is often thought as a destination for the rich and famous but the island of Dominica can be enjoyed on a budget without cutting down on experience. Here are some tips for enjoying Dominica without having to spend a fortune…” Read the article… 

Dominica, best island for walkers, nature lovers

Wanderlust Magazine, November 2010

“The Caribbean’s first long distance walking trail offers a fascinating journey through Dominica’s mango orchards, boiling lakes and ancient Carib culture…”

Article by Mark Stratton, read it here… 

6 Action Adventures in the Caribbean

New York Times, November 2010

“When it comes to a Caribbean vacation, the idea of an extreme activity takes on a new meaning. …” Read about “Rapelling into Canyons in Dominica” in the New York Times Travel Section or visit Extreme Dominica’s Website.

Dominica is #2 Best Pure Island, March 2010

Here are the best pure islands for natural, environmentally friendly island travel… read more.

A Writer’s Retreat at Elma Napier’s Dominican Home

The Guardian, July 2009

It is a curious sensation to lie on a sofa in the tropical night reading a novel in the home of its writer and to realise you are in the book’s very setting… Read more.

Dominica is Featured Destination

Mother Nature Network, March 2009

The island of Dominica — located in the middle of the Lesser Antilles — is one of the most rugged and natural travel destinations north of the Amazon… Read more.

National Geographic Traveler Island Destinations, November/December 2007

National Geographic Traveler and the National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations conducted their 4th annual Destination Scorecard survey. Dominica scored fairly well in terms of managing its tourism product, achieving 77 points out of 100. Overall, Dominica ranked 13 out of the 111 island destinations included in the survey – the best of all Caribbean islands!

Read the article on National Geographic Traveler’s website…


Hiking Dominica’s Peaks

The New York Times, February 2005

“Dominica, it turns out, is the island of surprises – but in the best way. It is a hiker’s paradise, a mountainous, velvety green lump in the middle of the ocean, 29-by-16-miles small, with gorgeous uncut rain forest and the last intact Carib Indian territory…” Read more

The Fuming Cauldron Behind a Green Veil

The New York Times, April 2002 

“SLOUCHED in wicker chairs on the porch of Roxy’s Mountain Lodge, high in the lush green hills of Dominica, we could see the Caribbean shimmering beguilingly in the distance, several miles away and 1,800 feet below…” Read more