The Boiling Lake

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The Boiling Lake

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the Boiling Lake
Boiling Lake
the Boiling Lake
the Boiling Lake
the Boiling LakeBoiling Lakethe Boiling Lakethe Boiling Lake
Morne Trois Pitons National Park

The most famous of Dominica's trails, this flooded fumarole is reached after a hard 3-4 hour hike (one-way). But it's well worth it - the Lake is a cauldron of bubbling greyish-blue water that is usually enveloped in a cloud of vapour.

Though the most frequently used trail starts from the village of Laudat, there are other trails to the lake from the villages of Morne Prosper and Grand Fond.

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Useful Information

Drive up to the village of Laudat. At the top of the hill you will reach a junction, keep right. (If you continued straight this would take you to freshwater/Boeri lake). Continue down the hill for about a minute, and turn left onto a side road where you see a statue of a man in a hat and pointing forward. You will drive passed residential houses, the DOMLEC Hydro Plant, DOMLEC Reservoir, the Geothermal Extraction Plan before reaching the end of the road at an informal parking lot. It is a short walk to the gorge from here. The large pipes which carry water from Freshwater lake the the hydro plant can be seen along this route. Ask for directions, there is usually a forestry officer at the junction who will provide directions and where to got to pay fees if required.

Site User Fees: Yes
Time Commitment (2):

6 - 8 hours

Hiking Difficulty:
  • Hard
Best time to visit:

Early morning

Fun Facts
Did you know?:

The first recorded sighting of the Lake was in 1870 by Mr. Watt and Dr. Nicholls, two Englishmen working in Dominica at that time. Close by are the Mountains - Morne Watts and Morne Nicholls

Be aware:
  • Guide Required

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